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Java e-invoice library publishes new version

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2015-10-15

Today, Mustangproject published version 1.2 of it's open source library.

So far, ZUGFeRD invoices created with Mustangproject, were already compliant to the 3-Heights PDF Validator Online Tool, the Konik open source validator and FeRDMC's Validator "in cooperation with Storck"

Files created with 1.2 now additionally validate against the GEFEG validator and the recently published successor of the Storck-validator, FeRDMC's validator "powered by Intarsys".

While the conventional part of the PDF file is human-readable, so called validators can be used to check the validity of the hidden, machine readable data.

ZUGFeRD requires no bilateral agreements, thus standards-compliance of the structured (machine readable) data is particularly important for ZUGFeRD invoices as there is a whole spectrum of potential ZUGFeRD readers. For ZUGFeRD, similar to e.g. PDF, there is no official reference validator.

About Mustangproject:
Java developers can read and write ZUGFeRD invoices in their software using the Mustangproject library.

Mustangproject has been initiated in the context of usegroup's open source invoicing and accounting software Gnuaccounting.

As permissive open source project Mustangproject can be used for free in open source and commercial software.

About ZUGFeRD:
ZUGFeRD is a open metadata standard for PDF-invoices. Like normal PDFs, ZUGFeRD invoices can be opened in any PDF viewer but, invisibly, contain a machine-readable copy of the invoice data. This way the invoices can checked, paid and booked semi-automatically or automatically.

Currently over 100 suppliers from seven countries support invoices in the ZUGFeRD-Standard (as of May 2015).

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